Social Media Audit

  • Facebook / Instagram: I will audit your social media account and provide you with feedback, which will include:
  • Branding Assessment
  • Overall engagement Analysis
  • Best-practice advice for better results
  • Hashtag research (IG) for your niche
  • You need this if: you want to make sure your business social media presence is being managed effectively and receive guidance on how to improve it. Very popular service! Need extra info? A Zoom call can be arranged for extra support (£45).

Social media Consulting

  • 1:1 consulting,tailor-made for you. This service addresses strategy, communication, and branding issues and is entirely structured according to your needs.We will go through:
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Advice & Suggestions
  • Best-practice / Tips & Tricks
  • Zoom Calls x 3
  • You need this if: you want to learn how to manage your social media accounts, and know more about strategies and content marketing. Great opportunity if you want 1:1 Consulting to develop your Personal Brand or Business Online.

Social Media Management

£400 from p.m.
  • I can manage your social media strategy and content marketing, so you can focus on other business-related tasks.
  • Branding & Target Audience Analysis
  • Content Marketing Strategy & Graphics
  • Copywriting, SEO & Hashtag research
  • Posting 2-4 times per week
  • Zoom Call x 1 per month & Monthly Report
  • ...& more. We can arrange a 20-mins free consultation discovery call (Zoom). Price varies according to your needs, and there is always a fixed price for initial Strategy (essential). Contact me for a detailed proposal. Price is per platform.

Website Audit

  • Nowadays, your website is like your business card. Together with a social media account, the website provides potential customers with all the essential information they need. They need to access this information easily. Moreover, the website represents your brand, your voice and your image.
  • I will audit your website and provide you with feedback based on user experience, design and communication.
  • Content Hierarchy Audit & Suggestions
  • Advice on what you might want to change for a better positive impact.
  • Don't have a website but you'd love a sleek and professional looking one? Get in touch!

Power Hour

  • Stuck? Don't know how it works? Confused about Branding and Strategy? Book a Power Hour with me, we will discuss:
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • General Tips & Tricks
  • You need this if: you want to better understand how to manage your social media accounts (IG & FB), start on the right foot and learn techniques that can help you improve your business online presence. 1h Zoom Call.

Social Media Strategy

  • I plan and structure your account strategy. Research, ideas, planning. Design and Branding.
  • Branding / Design audit / SEO
  • Competitor analyis
  • Editorial Calendar, 30 days
  • Technical/Practical tips & tricks for better results.
  • Zoom Call x 1 included
  • You need it if: you want to have a strategy already set up for you to start from, learn how it works and then implement it.

YouTube Audit

  • Are you struggling to get results on YouTube? I can help you by auditing your channel and provide you with information on:
  • Branding / Design audit
  • Overall engagement analysis
  • General best-practice advice
  • Technical/Practical tips & tricks for better results.
  • Tags / SEO strategy
  • A Zoom call can be arranged for extra support (£45) | Thumbnail & Header graphics are not included but can be provided.


  • Social Media graphics (FB & IG)
  • Book covers
  • Editorial layouts
  • Business presentations
  • eGuides
  • Training Guides
  • Landing Page

Check my Portfolio! Please, get in touch for prices, based on what you specifically need.

I have been blogging for several years, and I have a passion for writing. I write articles for the web in different sectors. I am currently writing for a large platform for professionals in the event industry. I write about Art, Lifestyle, Catering, and much more.

Do you need some text for your site? A Landing Page? An article?
Here’s how I proceed:

  • We decide the target, the “tone of voice” and the sector.
  • I will start with targeted searches.
  • I will define the SEO elements.
  • Copy draft and review, search for images if not provided.
  • 3 revisions included in the price if you feel you want to make changes.

Please Get in Touch for further info and costs. Thank You.

I can translate English/Italian content: emails, presentation, social media content, articles. Please get in touch for costs and further info.

KDP Assistance with text formatting, book cover and advice to help you to self-publish your book on Amazon. Prices vary according to the type of publication.

Web Design.


No. A website is not where you build your community. A website is your business card, a steady anchor that must be found by your potential customers when searching for information about your services, and how to get in touch with you. Yes, a website is still essential in 2021.

Need an extra reason? Here we go: We use a sustainable hosting provider and a tree is planted for each website!



I get it. You need some of the services I mentioned, and maybe even “mix up” some of the services that I have included in different packages instead.

Yes, of course, it is possible. Please email me:  I will provide you with a tailor-made quotation.

Not yet! Anyway, some people, let’s be honest, are just lucky. A post goes viral, a video becomes very popular and they start from there.

Others will study the most effective techniques, tips & tricks, and will apply them properly and with patience because it just won’t happen overnight.

Social Media is a job, and if you don’t have time for it, I have.


Payment for:

  • Audit & Feedback
  • YouTube Audit

Needs to be processed when you confirm the service.

Payment for Consulting:

Needs to be processed in full, when we schedule the first Zoom call.

Payment for Social Media Management:

Can be split into two separate payments each month, but please note that the contract calls for a minimum of 3 months.

Payment Method: Bank Transfer or PayPal Business. I will then issue a receipt for both payment methods.

Due to the nature of the service, once the consultation has been carried out, it is not possible to request a refund.

Get in touch.


Nothing that I mentioned suits your needs? Contact me and see how I can help.

My Portfolio.

Social Media Content, Book covers, Presentation, Promo Cards, Logos, & more.

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