Social Media Graphics

Colour and style consistent Instagram feed, social media visual communication for your business, graphics for online advertising. I offer two practical solutions to help you create the best online presence for your business.

Occasional graphic creation, based on your needs and branding.

A set number of graphics that you can use to promote your business online. These will be defined with you based on how you are planning to use them.

eGuide & Downloadables

So, you have great ideas but you are unfamiliar with graphics and layout? No worries. Provide me with your ab-fab content, I'll take care of the rest.
If you want to create an eGuide and/or a stunning Downloadable .pdf for your blog or website, this is what you need. I will use your text and images (or outsource relevant royalty-free images for you) and will create a very well thought-out document that you can then share!

Visual Identity & Logos

Logos, visual identity, graphics for your flyers, posters. Just about anything your business needs to stand out from the crowd! I love creating simple and sleek logos, that represent your brand, along with marketing material such as posters and flyers. You can hire me for your Logo or, why not, for the whole package: logo and marketing material. Everything your business needs to professionally establish an online presence.

Planning to Publish on KDP?

Dreaming of publishing a Planner or even a Book? This requires a specific layout and a lot of patience. If you don't know how to set up a document for Publishing, in terms of layout and graphics, this is my job. Provide me with the content and I will deliver a professionally created document to be used with Amazon KDP. Start publishing today!

CV & Cover Letter Translation

A good CV is essential. EuroPass format is not used in the UK. I utilize my extensive experience in the field by offering you this service. I can audit your CV and Cover Letter and simply edit it based on what might work best, or I can translate your Italian CV and then format it based on UK job-search requirements. It's up to you, click below for more details.

Moving to the UK / Consulting

Thanks to my extensive experience in travel and recruitment, I have been in the UK relocation consultancy for years now. This service is NOT available any longer. However I am working on a GUIDE, in Italian, about moving to the UK. Publishing date is by Dec 2022.

Wanna know more?

Here we go.

Payment must be done in advance and via PayPal. Yes, you can use PP even if you don’t have an account and you can pay with your Bank Card.

Every commission is different, so we will set the delivery date together based on your request, and my other commitments as well.

I am afraid there can not be a refund with this kind of commission. I usually discuss with you well in advance and in detail, all you require to make sure I deliver exactly what you need though.