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About Me

After a BA Hons in Architectural/Spatial and Urban Design at the University of the Arts in London (Top 3 in the sector Unis in the world), I then traveled the world and lived in different countries. Kenya, Russia, the Caribbean, Gran Canaria, Egypt, to name a few, and for obvious reasons, Canada. But I’m a Londoner at heart and always will be.

Responsible for quality control, operations, and logistics of resorts and hotels in the travel, hospitality, and aviation industry for just over 18 years, I was also the go-to person for  Global Mobility: moving talented people around the world, it was my job. Isn’t that great? 🙂

I collaborated with major brands and supervised Competition Events as a judge and also studied Travel & Tourism and Marketing & Social Media Marketing at Brentwood College.

I have a Prince2 Practitioner Certification in Project Management, and I am also Certified in Fundations of UK Immigration Law, and Certified SWAP, (UK Government Sector Work Academy Programme), with a focus on Civil Service jobs. Design has always remained a passion through the years. Add this to my expertise in the Hospitality Industry and, of course, Consulting comes naturally to me.

I now work in Facility & Account Management as an Operations & Sales Manager for an International Corporation, I am also working as a Relocation Consultant for start-ups and whoever wishes to move to the UK.

Academically speaking...

  • UAL – BA Hons, University of The Arts London ( Architectural, Spatial & Urban Design)
  • Prince2 – Project Management (Practitioner)
  • SWAP – UK Government Sector Based Work Programme
  • Fundations of UK Immigration Law
  • Tourism & Travel Diploma
  • Digital Marketing Diploma

Let's get personal.

I am very much into tattoos and I have a pretty bubbly personality, however having worked for so long in several countries, gave me the chance to get to know different kinds of people and cultures, and adapt quickly and quite easily.
I love travelling (of course!), visiting new coffee shops and indulging in pastries and cakes. I am extremely creative and I would change my home decor every other day If I had the time and the chance to! Oh, by the way, I am also a professionally trained Pastry chef with plenty of experience in the Wedding industry.