52% of potential customers will check your online presence to decide whether to buy your goods/services or not.

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“One of the greatest challenges companies face with social media is knowing where to start.”

– Simon Mainwaring

So, everyone else is doing great on social media, and your business is not.You wonder how they do it. You just don’t have time for it.  Moreover, you don’t know where to start.

You tried to post some photos, and write a caption. 

But it is not working.

It’s stressful because you know you are losing a huge chance to get better results for your business.

And let’s face it: you have very little time to commit to developing your social media presence.

Is this you?

Your brand represents you, your way of interacting and communicating with your online “public”, trying to figure out what they like and what they don’t like.  Are they interested in promotions? How do I get them to buy from me?
It can be time-consuming: to start with, you must understand how it works and then you have to come up with ideas and content. Whoa! Too much.  Plus, it takes time to do it properly. Time that you might want to use for other business-related duties.
I create and design content for blogs and social media, and take care of your brand online presence on Facebook, & Instagram, and I can also assist you with your YouTube channel.

What I can do for you.

I can help you to communicate your business message effectively and grow online.

Your Power Hour

You are confused. Too much information. Stressed Out? No need to. You need a Power Hour. Let's talk about how to define your branding and strategy. I will also provide you with great tips and tricks to Start your business online presence on the right foot! It is my most requested service!

Social Media Audit

Let's check how you can improve your online presence on social networks: I will audit communication and design, customer experience, content, and branding. I will then provide you with a report that you can then use to make any changes, filled up with precious tips too!

Social Media Consulting

You want to know more about how it works, and how to develop an online presence for your business. This service addresses strategy, communication, and branding issues and is entirely structured according to your needs. It includes Zoom Calls and written feedback/advice.

Social Media Management

A tailor-made service that allows you to achieve real marketing goals, and believe me: this has nothing to do with how many followers you have. This service is ideal for all small and medium companies and personal brands that need to increase their visibility online, but don't have time for it.


  • Social Media graphics (FB & IG)
  • Book covers
  • Editorial layouts
  • Business presentations
  • eGuides
  • Training Guides
  • Landing Page

Check my Portfolio! Please, get in touch for prices, based on what you specifically need.

I have been blogging for several years, and I have a passion for writing. I write articles for the web in different sectors. I am currently writing for a large platform for professionals in the event industry. I write about Art, Lifestyle, Catering, and much more.

Do you need some text for your site? An article?
Here’s how I proceed:

  • We decide the target, the “tone of voice” and the sector.
  • I will start with targeted searches.
  • I will define the SEO elements.
  • Copy draft and review, search for images if not provided.
  • 3 revisions included in the price if you feel you want to make changes.

Please Get in Touch for further info and costs. Thank You.

I can translate English/Italian content: emails, presentation, social media content, articles. Please get in touch for costs and further info.

KDP Assistance with text formatting, book cover and advice to help you to self-publish your book on Amazon. Prices vary according to the type of publication.

Social Media Management is like baking a cake.

One of those fancy and elaborate ones.

You ask your customers question regarding the flavours and the design of the cake.

How do you talk to them? You surely will not use jargon, will you?

Now comes the hard work: you must try different ingredients and recipe methods, to get the flavour and the texture just perfect! 


01. Know your audience

02. Strategy & Planning

03. Analysis

I see, you don’t know much about baking, and you think you are missing out on a great opportunity.

No worries, I can be an amazing baker and cake designer.

What does this mean? It means that I can create the graphics you need, and I can also properly communicate your message to your audience.

Let's bake, shall we?

Content Marketing Designer & Consultant

Why me?

You want to make it on Social Media.

I know the struggle. Been there.

I have been creating content for the web for 15 years. In my previous jobs, working for major companies, I have been dealing with the marketing/PR departments, while supervising quality standards/branding. 
Combine this with my studies in Design and experience with Social Media, and that’s how and why I found myself being a Content Marketing Designer & Consultant.
This will allow me to give you expert advice on creating a content strategy to win your specific audience.
Trained in  Design, Digital Marketing & Copywriting. I use my Project Management experience (Prince2 Certified) to strategically plan all the necessary steps to help my clients to engage with their online audience, through branding and strategic content marketing
I can get to know your audience to strategically deliver your message. I Design content that gives the user the best experience: from editorial layout to social media graphics, with a keen eye for detail and a strong passion for Branding.

I specialize in Content for Travel & Hospitality. Why? Because we speak the same language: I’ve worked in these industries for over 18 years, Operations & Planning.
If you need someone trustworthy that will offer strategic insights and tips on best practices along your social media journey: get in touch.
I love traveling.

If they say so.


As a new freelancer Career Coach, my website was of vital importance. Ellie audited it and provided me with precious information to improve it. Very satisfied with her service and highly recommend her!

Lucia M.
Career Coach

I worked with Ellie to promote my Cafe on Instagram: she has great ideas! She also put together a strategy for me to follow, and to engage with my customers, which eventually lead to more sales.


The fact that she has a background in the Hospitality industry was a bonus! She knows how to communicate with our customers via social networks, and her creativity played a big role in how we developed our online presence. A professional.

GM & owner

Ellie helped me with my Facebook page for my business. Very knowledgeable and patient! She also assisted me when I decided to start a YouTube channel. Thanks to her help, I managed to start this YouTube journey with the right foot, and I'm doing pretty good.

Get in touch.

Even The Queen of England hired a Social Media Strategist, 2 years ago. Just saying


Nothing that I mentioned suits your needs? Contact me and see how I can help.

My Portfolio.

Social Media Content, Book covers, Presentation, Promo Cards, Logos, & more.

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