My background: responsible for quality control, operations, and logistics in the Travel, Hospitality & Aviation Industry for 18 years altogether. But also a Designer and a very creative person, with a BA Hons from the London University of the Arts in Interior and Spatial Design.

Travel & Design: my Brand & my Blog. That’s how and why started.

I picked the name EventuallyBusy because I didn’t want to stick to something too specific. I am multi-tasking and love keeping busy. This name truly represents my passions. I am now, eventually, busy doing the things I love the most. is where you can find My Blog but also all my creative Portfolios. It is, basically, a more relaxed version of me, where I express my creativity and a strong passion for writing.

Author. Successfully published a Book which was #1 on Amazon for 2 weeks.
Other Publications. True Fact-Based Fiction Book (set in the Travel industry) – Titled “BUONGIORNO BEN ARRIVATI”, in Italian.
Afternoon Tea | History, Etiquette & Recipes – July 2020 – in Italian
Cookies & Biscuits – January 2021 – in Italian
Planners | Organizers (low content books) – English & Italian.

Also published: eGuides & LONDON Magazines. All Books, eGuides & Magazines have been entirely planned, graphically designed and edited by me.