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Travel & Design.

After a BA Hons @University of the Arts London, I then travelled the world and lived in several countries. Kenya, Russia, The Caribbean, Gran Canaria, Egypt, just to mention a few. I am London based and a Londoner at heart. Responsible for Operations, Quality & Communication in Travel, Hospitality & Aviation Industry for 18 years altogether.

I have collaborated with major brands for sponsorships, web series and photo-shootings, either behind the scenes and…on camera.

University & Co.

  • BA Hons Architectural Design | Major in Urban Design @UAL | London, UK
  • Web Design @St Martins/UAL | London, UK
  • Photography @Camberwell/UAL | London, UK
  • Prince2 Project Management
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism

From my job in Travel, I have not only learned communication, brand quality control and to sell our products:

I have learned to assist and advise the customer. 

Now I can do it through a different journey, the one through Social Media, from departure to destination.

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My Social Media Vision

I first approached the fascinating world of “consumer behaviour” when I was studying Urban Design. I fell in love with it, and have used my studies extensively during my work in travel and then in hospitality. In Operations & Communications, it is helpful to have a good understanding of the “customer journey”: how they behave depending on the situation or on where they are, and what influences their decisions.

“We humans are a species who just love communication and conversation. Especially with someone who has the same interest as we do”

Let’s build your community: it will be my new journey.

I also had to understand different cultures and habits and figure out how even a simple marketing campaign worked in one country and not in the other. I can, today, apply this to Social Media: where the strategies must be partially modified according to the country, the audience. I am very interested in the concept of “Global Social Media Strategy”, where you must apply a global strategy but also to take into consideration local adaptations.

I can work with almost all types of businesses, but I specialize in Hospitality & Travel due to my extensive knowledge of these sectors.

52% of potential customers do an online search to check the company’s reputation before buying, they mainly check reviews for Hospitality and Travel.

Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, and even businesses in the Travel sector must properly take advantage of Social Media channels, to create the perfect connection with customers via their online community.
Rarely people will make a table reservation through your Facebook Page, but they will check it to read reviews, comments and view the photos. Marketing in the Travel sector is dominated by “user-generated content“: potential travellers are inspired by what they see and read on their friends’ holiday experience, on Instagram & Facebook. So, what they usually do next, is checking online reviews as a confirmation about the quality before they book.

If customers are consistently recommending your brand, this will help to establish trust.

My goal is to give my clients that special connection they need with their audience.

If I am working with a Restaurant owner on their Instagram feed…

…I want the users, their potential customers, to feel at ease, trust the brand and, of course, make a reservation ASAP!

My Brand.

Travel & Design: my Brand & my BlogThat’s how and why started.

I picked the name EventuallyBusy because I didn’t want to stick to something too specific. I am multi-tasking and love keeping busy. This name truly represents my passions. I am now, eventually, busy doing the things I love the most. is where you can find My Blog but also all my creative Portfolios. It is, basically, a more relaxed version of me, where I express my creativity and a strong passion for writing.