After a BA Hons in Architectural / Spatial and Urban Design from the University of the Arts London, I then travelled the world and lived in several countries. Kenya, Russia, The Caribbean, Gran Canaria, Egypt, just to mention a few. I am London based and a Londoner at heart. Responsible for Resorts quality checks and logistics in the Travel, Hospitality & Aviation Industry for 18 years altogether.

I provide online services for small business owners to free up some time and give them the chance to focus on running their business, I also help in developing a social media strategy to improve their success!

I collaborated with major brands and supervised Competition Events as a judge and also studied Marketing & Social Media Marketing and then Travel & Tourism at Brentwood College.

I am a Prince2 Project Management Certified Practitioner with an obsession for planning and a great eye for detail, necessary to maintain high standards.

I love Photography & baking, and of course, travelling! Many feel very uncomfortable talking to a vast audience, I am quite the opposite: give me an audience and a microphone and I will rock it.